John Proctor Sacrifice Analysis

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Would you sacrifice your own life in the name of following your personal belief?Imagine being put in an incredulous situation where you would have to decide. Though it is debatable, when one comes down to it, it is decidedly nobler for one to stick to their beliefs. It is important for a person to follow their beliefs, even if it requires sacrificing one’s life if there are other people life in danger. In The Crucible, there are many characters who sacrificed their lives for their beliefs. The most notable martyr, though, is John Proctor. Throughout The Crucible we witness Proctor’s personality and character change for the better because he chooses to follow his core beliefs. Proctor is put in a very difficult situation. He is accused of practicing witchcraft, and though the evidence given was false, he has to choose one of two options- admit to practicing witchcraft or fight for his beliefs and keep his reputation from being tainted. Proctor chooses the second option as he believes that is right thing to do. We also see him wonder how he would “teach [his three children] to walk like men in the world” if he was a dishonest man who sold his friends (Miller,1272). Proctor is stating that it will be hypocritical to try and teach his kids to be good…show more content…
In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the falsely accused died so no one else would die from the false witchcraft accusations. Their deaths affected the lives of everyone because they saved them from further torture. This is not noticeable just in this one story. Those in the United States Military essentially commit to the same thing on a larger scale, facing death also but in a more imminent manner. If the world was to implore with soldiers to not fight or make sacrifices in the way the character’s in The Crucible did, what would the world come
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