John Proctor The Protagonist Analysis

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Hannah Rousseau Mr. Stensrud Honors US Literature and Composition 3.18.16 John Proctor the Protagonist? The Crucible, is a story about witch trials that were held Salem, Massachusetts 1692. These trials were held because of a young girl named Abigail who wanted revenge on Elizabeth Proctor. She wanted revenge because she loves John and wants him to herself. Abigail started making accusations on Elizabeth and other girls that they committed witchcraft. These accusations get these other women in trouble because the court ends up believing Abigail and the other young girls involved. Abigail is commonly seen as the antagonist, but there are many speculations on who is the protagonist. A protagonist is a main character or lead role throughout a…show more content…
Proctor says, ¨Then let you come out and call them wrong. Did you consult the wardens before you called this minister to look for details?¨ (I. 540-542). John is talking to Parris about Betty and her condition. Parris is thinking about blaming it on witchcraft without even asking a doctor first but Proctor is trying to convince him otherwise. This shows that from the beginning John is trying to deny that there is witchcraft and keep the rumors from spreading. It shows that he really cares for the town and the people in it, if he did not care, he wouldn't try to protect it. Later on in Act One, John proves that he is questioning everything that is starting to happen in Salem. Parris starts to bring in wardens and officials to investigate the issues at hand. John is getting suspicious about the authority that he is calling. He says, ¨I mean it solemnly, Rebecca; I like not the smell of this ¨authority¨¨ (I. 650). This quote again shows how he is very suspicious about all of this so called witchcraft. It adds to his character that he may be predicting that something bad might happen when this authority starts to investigate. In Act One John Proctor starts to show his side of concern for the townspeople. Which is starting to prove him to be the…show more content…
They are trying to get someone to convince everyone convicted that they can be saved. No one wants to confess though because that would mean that they are admitting to something they didn´t do. John however, being the protagonist that he has become, confesses. He proclaims, ¨Then who will judge me? God in Heaven, what is John Proctor, what is John Proctor? I think it is honest; I think so; I am no saint. Let Rebecca go like a saint; for me it's fraud¨ (IV. 541- 549). John gets up the courage to confessing that he had dealings with the devil even though he knows and everyone else knows that it is not true. By confessing and throwing away his selfishness to save the people who are about to hang he proves himself to be the play's protagonist. This is one of John's bigger moments. He put his life in danger to save the people he cares about. John Proctor has proven himself through all these ways that he is the lead role, hero and protagonist of The Crucible. A protagonist is someone who is willing to risk their lives, reputation and happiness to save the ones they care about, this description perfectly describes John Proctor. He did everything he could to convince the court that witchcraft in the town is all a lie made up by Abigail and the other girls to help them get revenge. Through John´s actions throughout the story prove that he is the protagonist and he should be looked up to by others because of his selfless
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