John Proctor: The Tragic Hero

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Is John Proctor the man who has it all figured out? No John may seem like he is the man that is figured out, but when dug deeper that is not the case. Proctor in the book The Crucible plays the tragic hero, an honest, upright, and blunt speaker, he is a good man, but has a secret. Proctor shows him finding self-discoveries about himself, like how much he loves his wife, self-respect, and peace with himself. John Proctor loves his wife, this we already know but Proctor learned how much he loved her and what he was willing to do as mentioned in the play. “… A man will not cast away his good name you surly know that.” “I have made a bell of my honor! I have rung the doom of my good name- you will believe me, Mr. Danforth! My wife is innocent,
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