John Proctor Witchgate Analysis

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Watergate or Witchgate?
Respect is something everyone craves, but not everyone deserves. Being respected can be a fulfilling feeling, but when it is not being given, people will do crazy things. John Proctor is one of these people who crave respect, but doesn’t deserve it. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, he does whatever he can throughout the play to keep his name pure, but he already tarnished it before the play even started by sleeping with Abigail. From then on, he is stuck in a hole he couldn’t get out of. John Proctor is a man who is cowardly, misleading, and conniving to his friends.
John Proctor shows his cowardly side throughout the play. He especially shows it when he sneaks around Salem to find Abigail . In Scene II Act II, John goes to visit Abigail is the woods the night before Elizabeth’s trial. John needed to stay away from Abigail because the more he saw her the greater the chance of his
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When John brings Mary Warren to court in Act III to confess about how Abigail has been lying to everyone, he tries to avoid confessing he’s been with Abigail, even though he knows it will help his cause. John built this name for himself in Salem that was tarnished so fast because if someone messes up in town everyone knows and there’s no way to fix it. No matter what John did, he couldn’t save himself, but it was his wrong doing to begin with. John also misleads the town by not going to church every Sunday. For the longest time, John had been seen as respected, but when he starts to visit church less he begins to create a reputation, If John had not played the town and continued practicing what most Puritans do, it would’ve been easier to rescue his friend’s wives and his own. John made the choice to not attend church and he added fuel to the fire which only made the trials worse, making him seem sneaky and
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