John Proctor's Archetype In The Crucible

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John Proctor, a character from The Crucible is a Rebel/Misfit Archetype. A Rebel/Misfit is defined as a character that radically rejects the values of a society and the restrictions placed on him or her. I chose to do my research project on John because Proctor is my favorite character from The Crucible and throughout the whole book he was feeling guilty for his actions but wanted to do the right thing. Proctor can also fit into the Hero Archetype for sacrificing his life to save his wife.
Back in the 1690s, not going to church every Sunday was a sin and could be punishable by death. In some religions in the 21st century it still can be seen as a horrible sin not attending church every Sunday. Although it may not be punishable by death you may get shunned from the church. In The Crucible John Proctor had cheated on his wife. Today in the 21st century there are many guys who cheat on their wife and some who have an affair. Some men later on regret it and others don’t. Some cheat because they’re lacking some kind of need from their spouse and they go outside of their marriage to find comfort. Others just cheat because they can’t resist
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To some he can be described as a Hero Archetype and to others a Rebel Archetype. From reading my paper you can tell that I think he is both archetypes. I can relate to Proctor in some ways because in the end Proctor became truthful and confessed to everything that he had done. Although he had confessed to the truth people tried to shun him and make him feel even worse for what he did. Instead of Proctor getting his name on the church doors he wanted to die to save his good name. In my case I have lied about somethings but then in the end I had become truthful about it all. But people were still trying to make me feel even worse for what I did. In response I just simply said you can either appreciate me for coming clean or be mad at me for lying. Which one do you
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