John Proctor's Argumentative Analysis

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Today in the news we have many new accusations that have come up and lots of new evidence. Some very substantial accusations were made against John proctor and this quiet, peaceful farmer is starting to appear to be more devious and menacing than originally believed. As Proctor entered the court Pariss immediately voiced his concerns about what Proctor being a true Christian. When proctor proclamed he was a devout Gospel Christian Paris proclamed, “Such a Christian that will not come to church but once in a month!“. When Cheever stated that Proctor plows on sundays Giles supported john by stating, “You’ll find other Christians that do plow on Sunday if the truth be
Known.“. Although Pariss continued to push this accusation, Danforth excused it and moved on. After Mary was brought in again Pariss made the accusation that Proctor was trying to overthrow the court. Danforth again brushed off Pariss due to the amount of interuptions he was making. One last accusation made towards proctor was by Mary Warren who accused him of trying to recruit her to the devil. Mary stated through sobs, “My name, he want my name. “I’ll murder you,” he says, “if my wife hangs! We must go and overthrow the court,” he says!”. Proctor responded to this accusation by saying “I say - I say - God is dead'”, then stating
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Other accusations included those against Rebbeka Nurse and Thomas Putnam. Rebbeka nurse was again accused of sending her spirit to kill seven babies. Thomas Putnam was accused by Corey Giles of telling his daughter to call witch on George Jacobs to aquire his land. It is documented that if Jacobs hangs he will forfeit his land and Putnam is the only person that would be able to afford it. Although Giles had this clain documented it was dissmissed because Giles refused to give the name of his source. After these accusations were made Giles and Proctor were arrested and court was dissmissed for the
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