John Proctor's Blackening My Name

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In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible (1952), one’s name is considered their reputation. Names are held at very high stakes. Many do anything to save their name in town. For example, Reverend Parris is trying to defend his niece Abigail from being accused of lying about witches. Referring to John Proctor, Reverend Parris exclaims, “excellency, since I come to Salem this man is blackening my name” (Miller 105). The words “this man” highlight how Parris is willing to do anything to save his name even throw Proctor under the bus. He is willing to ruin others names to save his own. The phrase “blackening my name” displays how Parris is so concerned about his own name even when trying to defend his niece. He is more caught up in the status of his
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