John Proctor's Identity In The Crucible

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John Proctor fears his name’s identity, which is evident near the end of the play when he resists Deputy Danforth and Reverend Hale’s posting his name on the church door, accusing him of witchcraft (IV.712-717). John Proctor is Elizabeth Proctor’s husband, who involved in an affair with Abigail Williams when she was still working as the Proctor’s maid. Elizabeth fires Abigail, once she realizes her maid and her husband’s covert relationship. Elizabeth’s dismissal causes Abigail to become very angry, for women had little power at the time, let alone unmarried women like herself. By playing her Mafia-like wailing and doll piercing games and forcing the other Salem girl to participate, Abigail determines to terminate Elizabeth and keep John for herself (460-473).…show more content…
As the Salem minister in the Puritan era, Parris’s personifications mirror one who possesses a brimstone and fiery demeanor and one who does not take into account anybody’s suggestions without his affirmation. Thus Parris’ self-portrait evinces a man who possesses a deal of enemies. As a result, after Parris finds his daughter, Betty- seriously ill, having danced in the forest the night before, crowds of people begin spewing accusations that Betty cavorted with the Devil. Meanwhile apprehension grips Parris’s mind that it also compels him arbitrarily to allege many townspeople. Parris blames others to divert attention away from himself. He worries that if the townspeople learn that his daughter and niece have fiddled with witchcraft, his position as pastor could be expelled. Yet at the same time, in the beginning of the play, because Parris placed the title witch on the heads of even the most pious members of his community, he converts into an overly insecure character. All in all, Parris horrors the loss of his job, others finding fault in him, and
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