John Proctor's 'Irony In The Crucible'

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Reverend Hale, End of Act 3
I had to leave the anteroom. I could not watch it - the innocent persecuted, their voices silenced. The methodology of that court- the accused were guaranteed death even before they took the stand. Yet Danforth, Harthorne and the townspeople could not see this corruption; even I was unaware ‘til this day. Omnipotent God, how could this happen?

(paces) Virtuous Goody Nurse, who has done nothing but good in the village, she shall hang for speaking the truth! John Proctor, in trying to save others from the punishment of the court, has destroyed his good name, announcing himself as a lecher to the entire village. His sons are still children and his wife is soon to birth a babe, but soon he shall lie dead. There are so many persecuted by this court, so many innocent condemned.

The wicked Abigail
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This court, these accusations of witchcraft, are not fuelled by the desire for justice, but to exact revenge and acquire power. All of these denunciations of people as witches were lies. Had I opened my eyes and not foolishly believed these falsehoods, fallen victim to the wily Abigail’s web of lies, perhaps these people would have never been condemned? How could I allow God’s court to be a place of such injustice? I once prided myself on my intelligence and purity of spirit, but it is apparent that I am not a noble fighter against the devil but an ignorant mortal, not worthy of the post I hold.

These innocents will die at my hands. If they do not confess to witchcraft, they shall all hang. I must do something to repent, I must save these people. Please Lord, in your bountiful wisdom, give me guidance. I see now there is only one way to save them - to lie. Forgive me Lord, but the only way to save them is to sin. I must plead with the accused and make them confess. If these people are murdered by the hands of the court and my over-confidence I fear evil may have truly won in
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