John Proctor's Use Of The Extra Scene In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller’s original manuscript, there is a scene about John Proctor and Abigail meeting the woods. Proctor talks to Abigail and reveals that he will “make [her] famous for the whore that [she] is!” if she does not clear his wife’s name in court (143). Later, Miller decides to take out this scene. This scene is unnecessary to the play because it destroys the surprise and suspense of what will happen in the next act.
The extra scene should be taken out because John Proctor is revealing what he plans to do later in court. The scene starts out with Abigail talking about how the town keeps hurting her, how all the witches are evil and hypocrites, except for Proctor (139-41). After that, Proctor tells her he plans to put out proof “that [Abigail]
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