John Q Ethical Dilemma Analysis

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1. What was the ethical dilemma that John Q faced in this movie? John Q a factory worker faces one of the worst parental situations. His son is going to die if he does not get a heart transplant as soon as possible. Once a man that tightens tightly to morality is now on the edge of what it seems ethical and unethical. He tries to get help from his medical insurance to pay the expenses of the operation, but they let go of his hand because what John contributes every month does not qualify him to finance such an extremely expensive operation. His son, meanwhile, oblivious to the sufferings of the father, comes closer and closer to death. Then there is a change in John 's good that will give birth to another man, a consciousness that will lead him to act, to rebel, without caring about transgressing the values that up to then supported his existence. Finally, he decides that the life of his son is worth more than any rule or law. 2. What was the ethical dilemma that the cardiac surgeon could have been faced with it John Q took his own life? The unbelievable decision of John Q in killing himself to donate his heart to his son also ethically impacted the life of the cardiac surgeon. He can face strong consequences with ethical matters in his profession. He can be expelled from his profession and his reputation as a surgeon can be damaged and marked for his entire life. Additionally, he might have legal issues in the future. 3. Do you believe that it is ethical
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