Rhetorical Analysis Of Abigail Adams Letter

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Abigail Adams, the First Lady of the United States of America during the presidency of John Adams, often wrote letters to her beloved son, John Quincy Adams. At the time, John Quincy Adams was planning to travel around the world so his mother decided to write him a letter filled with sympathy, telling her son how much she appreciates his qualities and prestige. This particular letter contained pathos, an anecdote, and also tone to proficiently aid Abigail Adams get her rhetorically appealing message across to the mind of her son. Adams began with telling John Q Adams her opinion about him embarking on this journey and then proceeded to emphasize her worries as he is traveling. Adams used pathos to make John know how much she cares and worries about him. She also highly cherishes John’s traits and personality which should “give [him] greater advantages…[and] find [his] …show more content…

In this letter, Adams had a soothing tone that makes John know that she is not angry with him, and she is letting him know that she is lucky to have a son who gave her “pleasing hopes” (Adams). throughout their life and informs him that “Nothing is wanting with you but attention, diligence, and steady application” (Adams). to reassure him that he is special and will achieve great success in life. In conclusion, Abigail Adams wrote this passionate letter to her son to offer advice and support before he took on this massive journey traveling around the globe. She wanted to express to her precious son to take on any opportunity that the universe threw at him for he is not the only one with admirable qualities. She urged him to carry on head strong no matter the circumstances and by providing all this support and love she sent him off with confidence and motivation to bring his mother “justice, fortitude, and every good virtue which can adorn a good citizen” (Adams). to continue making her

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