John Quincy Adams Biography

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A boy that was born into a political family, as a young man he accompanied his father, John Adams, on many of his presidential trips. John Quincy Adams was successful in the political field at a young age. He was the president who had dreams and actions that seemed out of reach that became successful.
“Though he was one of few Americans to be so prepared to serve as president of the United States, John Quincy Adams 's best years of service came before and after his time in the White House. Born on July 11, 1767, in Braintree, Massachusetts, John Quincy was the son of John Adams, a prodigy of the American Revolution who would become the second U.S. president just before his John Quincy 's 30th birthday, and his wife, future first lady …show more content…

“In 1790, John Quincy became a practicing attorney in Boston. As tensions mounted between Britain and France, he supported President George Washington 's neutrality policy of 1793. President Washington appreciated young Adams 's support so much that he appointed him U.S. minister to Holland. When John Adams was elected president in 1797, he appointed his son U.S. minister to Prussia.” On the way to his position, John Quincy visited England to marry the Louisa Catherine Johnson, the loved daughter of Joshua Johnson. Joshua Johnson was the first U.S consul to Great Britain and he was one of the most important people in the political world. After John Adams lost his second term election in 1800, he called his son to Prussia once again. In 1802, Quincy was elected to the legislature of Massachusetts legislature, then one year later, he was elected as the U.S senate. As well as his father, John Quincy was thought of as a member of the Federalist Party but in reality, he was never a particular “party” man, he had always tried seeing every party 's point of views. He became unpopular with the other Federalists due to his support on the Louisiana Purchase and President Thomas Jefferson 's Embargo Act. Adams finally broke from the Federalists, resigned from the senate seat and became the supporter of the Democratic-Republican …show more content…

“John Quincy Adams had approached the presidency with several political responsibilities. John Quincy had failed to develop the relationships needed for the presidential role he had participated in. His opponents had their mindset as to have him a one-term president.” The first year of his four year term, he had proposed many programs that he knew would further the science as well as make the spirit of the enterprise and inventions increase and better in the United States. He had helped increase the highway and canal building in the United States, which linked to different parts of the country helping the public lands of the conservation. During this duration of change, they did not believe that all of this change was actually happening in the United States. “The citizens of the United States actually felt as if John was being very ambitious, sometimes over ambitious and they did not think he was being very “realistic” for the plans he was furthering for the Americas.” “The Election of 1800 - American History - Thomas Jefferson, John Adams. Web. 23 Mar. 2016. Critics were despising John Quincey due to the president 's policies would enlarge the powers and make the federal government at the expense of the state and local governments. The election of 1828 was a bitter and personal conflict issue. The supporters were attacking the opposing candidates and the press had even went to the extent of accusing Jackson’s wife, Rachel of bigamy. Bigamy is where you are married to one

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