John Quincy Adams Research Paper

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John Quincy Adams was born on July 11,1767 in Quincy, Massachusetts. To his parents; John Adams ( Former President of the United States) and Abigail Adams.Being the first and oldest son of the two. His mother also homeschooled him for a while until they sent him to a private academy just on the outside of Paris. John Quincy also attended Harvard and graduated in 1787 with a Bachelor 's Degree(Which is also two years before his father became president.) During the time his father was running for president John Quincy was in Boston studying Law which his father did as well. Later for him to pass the bar exam in Summer of 1790. Before John Quincy Adams became president he served as an American envoy(which is like a messenger) to…show more content…
John Quincy stayed in Washington for a few months until returning back home to Quincy.After being president he served nine terms in Congress from 1830 till passing away in 1848.Being the most outspoken congressman to stand against the Anti-Slavery Congressional Career he earned the nickname Old Man Eloquent.On February 21,1848 , life-threatening stroke hit John Quincy minutes after he cast a vote about Army Officers serving in the Mexican War. Two days later, John Quincy slipped into a coma and shortly passed away after. At the age of eighty John Quincy passed away a former president and congressman and husband. The funeral was open casket to let the friends and family be able to view the body .He left all of his books and papers to his son Charles Francis , His home was divided between his wife , daughter in law ,his second son and granddaughter. Some facts about John Quincy Adams are one of the first facts about him is that he was very educated and that he studied in Paris ,Amsterdam and many other places as well. One of the dormitories is even named after the Adams family. A second fact I have is that John Quincy lost brutally in his second election to Andrew Jackson. My third is that he led a fight of an Anti-Slavery campaign. My fourth and final interesting factoid about John Quincy Adams is that he died on the exact same day as his rival Thomas
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