John Quincy Adams: The Qualities Of A Good Leader

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John Quincy Adams once said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” In order to be a great leader in life one needs to have skills in teamwork, be responsible, and strive for success. Being a leader requires skills in the department of teamwork. A person should communicate with their peers on the task-at-hand. Said person should be clear when giving instructions and always help people that may not have understood. He or she should make sure that there are no problems or concerns. A great leader should never take on all the work on their own; the workload should be dispersed among the members of the organization.This person should oversee that all work is divided evenly. Despite even distribution of work, a proper leader needs to be obliged to assisting someone in need. A leader should not let the team fall under any circumstances. He or she should keep their own work done on-time, and should also oversee their peers work as well. This person needs to be able to work well in a group environment; he or she additionally needs to be articulate in speech and body language. If a person desires to become a good leader, they will need to be responsible. He or she should always hold themselves accountable. Never should a good leader blame others when things go…show more content…
This person will set goals that are both challenging and attainable. He or she needs to should create mindsets that anticipate the future. A leader should continually persevere.This person should always put forth the best effort; he or she should always strive to improve further. A truly great leader will never give up, even when a situation or a setback occurs. He or she should always see the positive during hardships. A leader will continue to try as many times as needed- no matter the odds. He or she should always work diligently and continually until a goal is
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