John Rabe's Rape Of Nanking

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John Rabe, who reached out a helping hand to oppressed Chinese citizens in Nanking, by providing food and shelter to the needy, and directly stood up against Japanese oppressors in their stead during the Japanese invasion, despite his difference as a German businessman, and local Nazi leader (Chen); an alien to the Chinese. He demonstrated unfaltering confidence, and the ability to set aside differences to do what he believed was right, protecting countless Chinese citizens during the Rape of Nanking. When Rabe witnessed the atrocities the Japanese were committing against the Chinese people during the event, he stayed and established the “International Safety Zone” around foreign embassies in order to safeguard civilians from the Japanese, despite an order to leave the area from Siemens, the company he was working for (Chen). Not only that, he also reached out to the Japanese embassy to complain about the atrocities, without caring for any…show more content…
Often times, accidents and other untimely things happens, and people found themselves hurling at terminal velocity toward the ground, and their death. In such places where these unfair events would possibly occur, a safety net would be erected to protect those who would otherwise have met their demise. This net symbolizes the main characteristics of an individual, such as John Rabe, who fight for justice. The intensive strength and reliability of the net symbolizes the unfaltering confidence of an individual fighting for justice, as both would not collapse regardless of the challenge’s weight. Not only that, but no matter who falls into it, be it a small child or an elderly person, the net would secure the individual, and protects them the best as it can. This indiscriminate nature of the net symbolizes an individual’s ability to set aside differences amongst them in order to fight for the justice he/she believes
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