John Rawls: Main Points In The Law Of Peoples

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Main Points in the Law of Peoples.
John Rawls was an influential political philosopher and his publications are widely read. One of which is the Law of Peoples published in 1993 which is the subject of my study. In the Law of the Peoples Rawls concerns of the general principles whereby one can uphold and be accept accepted by the liberal people as well as the non-liberal society. “This principle is a standard for which can be useful in regulating the behavior of the citizens towards one and other.” Having learned from his childhood experience of discrimination, Rawls made a distinction between the basic human rights and the rights of each individual person in the constitutional democracy. “He further demonstrates such a liberal constitutional democracy may go for war against outlaw society.” Rawls discusses the moral grounds for providing assistance to the non-liberal society who are burdened by unfavorable conditions of socio-politic and economic situations.” The law of Peoples, addresses the question of immigration, trade policy, globalization and foreign policy with regard to war and peace. Law of Peoples demonstrates an outstanding and illuminating “comprehension of the problem of justice and human rights on a global which is the norm and principle of the international law and practice.” Rawls can be considered as an important figure in the discipline of justice for insofar as he examines the international theory of justice in the Law of Peoples. This is the
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