John Rawls Law Of Peoples Analysis

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Main Points in the Law of Peoples.
John Rawls was an influential political philosopher and his publications are widely read. One of which is the Law of Peoples published in 1993 which is the subject of my study. In the Law of the Peoples Rawls concerns of the general principles whereby one can uphold and be accept accepted by the liberal people as well as the non-liberal society. “This principle is a standard for which can be useful in regulating the behavior of the citizens towards one and other.” Having learned from his childhood experience of discrimination, Rawls made a distinction between the basic human rights and the rights of each individual person in the constitutional democracy. “He further demonstrates such a liberal constitutional
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This is the pressing problem of humanity such as for instance, the principle of global economics, the human rights’ doctrine and the theory of foreign policy and thus shapes that debate on global justice at an international scene. In the Law of Peoples “Rawls presents how reasonable citizens can live in peace in a just world.” Rawls’ Theory of Justice, published in 1971 presents a “concept of Justice as Fairness which has the implication of a just war theory.” This theory of war is also discussed in the Law of Peoples. Developing principles in the Law of Peoples whereby different people relate to each other Rawls calls it “Realistic Utopia.” The two great ideas the motivated the publication of the Law of Peoples are “the great evil of human history- the unjust war, oppression, religious persecution, and the denial of the Liberty of conscience, starvation and poverty, the ,mass murder and genocide that followed the political injustices.” In the Law of Peoples, Rawls has ideal theory in which contains the principles and presents the case of the…show more content…
“This is a shared reason by different individuals and citizens which place constraint on the condition of acceptability of the argument of the principles, institutions and legislations.” “Rawls supports the overlapping consensus of comprehensive doctrine as an acceptable political conception of Justice.” This is meant that the doctrines, both the religious and non-religious supports a political conception of justice, affirming equal rights and liberties foe all citizens including the religious freedom and the freedom of conscience. Rawls uses the concept of the Original Position with the veil of Ignorance. It’s a way of modeling liberal democratic tradition which could be regarded as a condition for selecting the principles that will govern the structure of the states. In the ideal theory Rawls characterizes the outcome of original position where the people represented are liberal peoples where they all recognize basic rights and liberties. “The second original position act on behalf of several actual possible variant of categories of liberal peoples. They have the responsibilities of selecting principles to govern between who they represent.” These people set basic terms of cooperation between members of society . In the second original position, it was clearly stipulated that no
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