John Rawlss: The Most Just Theory Of Justice

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The most just Theory of Justice
The answers to the question “What is justice?” are various and it is very difficult to agree on one answer. John Rawls, an American liberal philosopher, aimed to find a universal answer to this question that everybody would agree on (Pierik, 2015b). He assumes that it is possible to find a mutual answer by employing his social contract method when everybody would be hypothetically put into an equal position. What is the answer emerging from such a situation and how is it applicable to real-life topics such as the transnational clinical trials? In this essay, it is argued that to achieve a truly fair conception of justice that could be applied to social and economic structure of society is only possible from the initial position of equality that ensures a complete dissociation from any knowledge about personal position in the society. Such a conception of justice leads to a just society that equally distributes the benefits of every member of such a community (Rawls, 1999: 3-19).
This essay first elaborates on Rawls’s understanding of justice. The next part addresses why and how the veil of ignorance is crucial for the original position of equality and the importance of difference-principle emerging from this position. Finally, the third part briefly covers the relation between of transnational clinical trials and Rawls’s theory of justice
Rawls understands justice as “the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of
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