John Rawlzer Natural Duty Summary

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According to Michael Walzer whether the resultant suffering is natural cause or caused by the human hand, we have the right and should respond in a humanitarian way. John Rawls claims there is a natural duty to help others. It’s because of the empathy people have that make us want to help. Once it comes to human agents being involved we have to consider the causal chain. Causal chain is the path running from the cause of the problem to the symptoms of the problem. This is when natural duty becomes political obligation.
Walzer’s believes global justice is built on principal and mutual recognition rather than coercion. He connects justice with equal rights. He says relief and repair are the primary forms of global justice, although he does recognize the primary forms are never finished. He can imagine a world where all the states were able to help themselves. Walzer’s also
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I think that would be great. That being said that would mean everyone would have to recognize everyone’s else’s rights whether it be in culture or religion. In my opinion the likely hood of that ever happening is very slim. Let’s say we were able to make everyone else recognize others rights. You would still have the problem of who is right and who is wrong based on their beliefs. How can any one person or group of people decide whose beliefs and morals are right when there will be so many different societies.
I do believe we should help others, but we need to focus on our own country, how can we convince others to work together and co-exist with us when we can’t even do it among-est ourselves. We have people right here in our own country living in poverty and abuse that don’t receive help. Why spend billions of dollars to help other countries, spend that on us and our country. Let us set the example for others and maybe they will
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