John D Rockefeller Legacy

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John D. Rockefeller was a very interesting and independant man.He left a legacy in the everyday american life and in the oil industry. John D. Rockefeller went down a tough road to becoming successful, he had a few but some very important occupations, and he rarely had mentors. John Davison Rockefeller had a tremendous hard time becoming successful. To start off,when he was a kid,”John’s father had left for a young canadian girl leaving him without a father”(John Davison Rockefeller).He had to do everything he accomplished without a father figure so it was hard for him being a kid.John Rockefeller had to be a leader and step up to be the man of the house at a young age but, this was very important because if he had a father,who knows, he…show more content…
Rockefeller got very far in his life with little to no mentors of influences.To begin”My dad wasn’t there because he abandoned me and my mom for a young canadian girl”(John D Rockefeller).He really rarely had anyone in his life to support him. This made him get stuck with the loads of duties that the man of the house has to do, this includes ”John Davison Rockefeller really had to fend for himself and his mom, And because his dad wasn’t there he had to make money and buy food also pay the rent.”(Trentwell Mason White)This life experience made him who he was when he died.John D. Rockefeller should not have had to go through this, no child should be stuck with all these responsibilities, they should be able to run around like children do.Children cannot comprehend all these duties and in the long term it might have messed Rockefeller up.You could say that Andrew Carnegie was an influence on John D. Rockefeller yet, Andrew Carnegie only worked with John for a little, business techniques rubbed off on him.”John D. Rockefeller then went off to run his own business Later known as Standard Oil Company of Cleveland”(Ida M. Tarbell).After learning skills from Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller put these towards his future.In his later years he ws very successful.Lastly an influence or mentor to John would be his mother.When he was little, all he had was his mother and, he looked up to her.Although John D Rockefeller looked up to his mother, he had to be the man of the
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