John Rockefeller Wealth

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John Rockefeller Net Worth Introduction Arguably the richest man ever lived John Rockefeller was an industrialist, oil business magnate, and philanthropist. The wealthiest American of all time had a net worth of around $340 billion. His wealth is said to be triple of Bill Gates. Biography & Wiki John was born on 8th July 1839 in Richford, New York but he had to move with his family to Cleveland, Ohio when he was only 14 years old. He had a great business mind when he was in his teens as he started a lot of small businesses at that time before joining Hewitt & Tuttle as an assistant bookkeeper at the age of 16. John did go a long way in his work when he was only 20. He started to work as a commission merchant in meats, hay, grains, and other…show more content…
He opened his first refinery at Cleveland, a short distance from Pittsburgh in 1863. It was a huge success and within 2 years it became the biggest in the whole area and made John think of becoming a full-time oil businessman. John started Standard Oil Company in 1870 with his associates which was an instant success. Rockefeller’s hard work and hunger for success made the company bigger every day. Standard Oil Company started to buy other small oil companies to have complete monopoly over the business. When it became huge in size and also economically, Standard Oil Company made deals with railroads to ship its oil. They started to buy pipelines too. Now Standard Oil Company has a grip over every aspect of the oil business with no competitors. Standard Oil Company became the first American monopoly under John Rockefeller within a decade and also started to spread their business across the world. John was associated with many charitable endeavors after his retirement from the one of the world’s largest business. Awards & Achievements There is no such information regarding the awards received by John Rockefeller. Though he achieved a lot as the founder of Standard Oil Company, which had a monopoly in oil business across
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