John Ruskin Six Lamp Of Memory Analysis

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The lamp of memory Through history some books have changed the world. One of them is the book of John Ruskin “ Seven Lamps Of Architecture” which overturned Victorian society ideas about art and architecture. Writing that the buildings should be conserved for their depth, their link to the past and also for their design. They should communicate the human truth. In the Lamp of Memory which is the six lamp of the seven lamps, Ruskin is concentrated in culture, that should be respected by the buildings and the beauty reflected in different steps of the history. In this short summary I will try to give a general idea of the twenty subchapters written in the Lamp of Memory. We regard to Architecture to the most serious thought. It is impossible for us to still remember without it, even though we can live without it. The whole history with it’s coldness, lifeless imagery, living nations would be impossible. In architecture we should respect two duties to national architecture, the first is rendering in the architecture of today and the second is about preservance of the heritage from the past. It is in this two duties and directions that the Lamp of Memory is truly called the six lamp of architecture. To become memorial or monumental in perceiving a true perfection in civil and domestic building. In the heart of the men should be a sanctity in preserving and saving their own house. A house should not be renewed in every tenant it has or in every generation it passes. A
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