John Ryan Demand Of Rights

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The demand of rights and freedoms is one of the most controversial subjects in contemporary society due to the enormous change and development that it causes in society. Movements such as gay rights, women rights, civil rights, and religious rights, are demanding equal rights to a certain group that is believed to be marginalized in society. Thus, their request of equality of rights demonstrate that one or some group(s) possess more power than others and/or one or some group(s) must surrender their dominance for the sake of another. However, this is a mere generalization of the dynamics present in a discussion about rights. Therefore, one must define a specific philosophy or theory of rights as well as specific movements in order to acquire a more precise analysis of the relationships between a movement’s demands and implications. Consequently, this paper will examine John A. Ryan’s theory on rights, specifically in terms of gay rights and religious freedom. Ryan argues that the validity of one’s rights only depends on the individual, which raises the concern that when two opposing partiesLGBTQ community and religious institutionsare demanding rights, whose rights should prevail and how should this dilemma be managed?
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