John Singer Sargent: The Most Influential Portrait Artist

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John Singer Sargent was born on the 12th of January of 1856 in Florence, Italy. Sargent was the most successful portrait painter of his era, as well as a skilled landscape painter and watercolorist. Sargent was given little schooling. As a result of his “Baedeker education,” he learned Italian, French, and German. He studied geography, arithmetic, reading, and other restraint under his father’s coaching. He also became an accomplished pianist. His mother, an amateur artist, encouraged him to draw, and her desire to travel furnished him with substances. Sargent’s father was a surgeon who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sargent’s parents noticed that their son had great talent and enrolled him at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence when he was fourteen. In the spring of 1874, Sargent’s father agreed to support his son’s talent in Paris, which had become the world’s most powerful magnet for art students.…show more content…
Velázquez, the most admired, perhaps the greatest European painter, who ever lived, influenced a miraculous gift for assigning a sense of truth. He gave the best of his talents to painting portraits, which capture the appearance of reality through the effortless handling of aesthetic paint. The greatest portrait painting of the 19th century was, “The Daughter of Edward Darley Bolt” (1882), which was Sargent most remarkable work and made his career as a fashionable portraitist begin to develop quickly. This artwork can be found at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts. El Jaleo is anther art piece of Sargent that is portraying a Spanish Gypsy dancer performing to the accompaniment of musicians. El Jaleo is housed in the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum of Boston in Massachusetts as well. His murals paintings were also very

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