An Interview Of John Smith's Journey To Jamestown

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If I had a chance to travel back in time, it would be the historical time period of John Smith. I chose to interview John Smith because of his leadership ability to brave the travels from England in which to help the country become prosperous. The ability to lead the group of settlers in Jamestown to become successful even with starvation at the doorstep of the colony. John Smith was born in Lincolnshire, England around 1579 or 1580. His parents were George and Alice Smith. “His father owned land in Lincolnshire and rented land from Lord Willoughby as he was a yeoman farmer” (Captain). John attended a local grammar school until he ran away at the age of thirteen for the reason that he didn’t want to be a farmer. Stopped by his father, he was put to work as an apprentice in the nearby merchant. After the death of his father, John traveled to France to join the English soldiers fighting the Spanish. “In 1598, after the truce ending the fighting, he returned to England as a trained soldier” (Captain). John also fought in central Europe against the Ottoman Turks. He escaped several times, was wounded seriously, and taken into slavery. He murdered his slave master in order to escape (Captain). In the early 1600s, John Smith began his travels to the New World.…show more content…
John Smith: Since I was unhappy being an apprentice to a merchant and not wanting to be a farmer like my father and brother, I decided to join the English soldiers to fight the Spanish. As my mother stated in the book, John Smith Jamestown Boy “I can see you do not like farm work and you will never be a good farmer, no matter how hard you try” (Barton 119). I worked as a merchant until the death of my
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