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John Smith’s Adventurous Life
John Smith was born in Willoughby, United Kingdom sometime during the month of January in 1580. He was born to two farmers: George and Alice Smith. Shortly after his birth, John was baptized in Saint Helena’s Church in Willoughby, England. Ever since John was born he was always seeking adventure. When John Smith was about thirteen years old, he ran away because he did not want to become a farmer. Before he could get away on a ship, John’s father stopped him and made him work as an apprentice for a nearby merchant.
After his father died in 1596, John sailed for France and became a soldier for the English. He fought against the Spanish in the Netherlands after becoming a soldier. In 1598, a truce ended the fighting between the two countries, so John went back to England a trained soldier. After another trip to France and Scotland, Smith arrived on some of Lord Willoughby’s land and built a shelter of tree branches. There he learned more about war and politics and how to live off of the land. While on that land, Smith met Signore Theodore Paleologue, an Italian nobleman, who improved John’s jousting and horsemanship skills.
In 1600,
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This was because Smith was injured from a gunpowder explosion in 1609 and had to return to England. He had wanted to go back to Jamestown, but the Virginia Company officials told him he could not go back. Being the adventurer he was John went on a voyage to northern Virginia, in which he renamed New England and mapped very accurately. Captain Smith had planned to start a colony there, but instead was captured by French pirates. John finally returned to England to write about his life’s adventures. In 1620, the Pilgrims almost picked John for their military adviser, but decided to select Miles Standish instead. The plus is that they used his map of New
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