John Smith Research Paper

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Before the United States of America became united, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 to set out for Asia to find gold and other riches. Upon his quest, he founded the New World. But he wasn’t the only one who discovered America; after Christopher Columbus, a man named John Smith sailed to the miraculous land called Virginia. It was in Jamestown that John Smith and the English decided to reside to start a new colony in the early 1600s. In 1607, John Smith was out exploring, trying to find food for all the English and it was then that he realized that they were not alone. Even though Simon van de Passe portrayed Pocahontas as an English woman, she is still an Indian because her native dark skin and her origin.…show more content…
Unfortunately this is not the case. Before Captain John Smith set out to the New World, he joined the Christian forces of the Holy Roman Empire to fight against the Muslim Ottoman Turks. Impressed by Captain Smith’s heroic deeds, Captain Bartholomew Gosnold insisted that John Smith join him to start a new colony in Virginia and was awarded a council position. He agreed and sailed off to explore a new adventure that included three ships carrying 104 English settlers. On the voyage to start this new colony in America, John Smith was arrested for mutiny (not obeying orders of higher authority) and barely escaped an unfortunate death by hanging. By the time they got to Virginia, John Smith was a prisoner. Fortunately with the generosity of the minister, John Smith was allowed back into his council position. In honor of the king of England, the new colony in Virginia was named Jamestown. Starting the new colony was very difficult for the settlers. Captain Bartholomew Gosnold had an untimely death which caused many disagreements between council members. Jamestown was going downhill and fast. There were many struggles that the English were facing. The water wasn’t clean enough to drink, there were diseases that spread, food shortages were a major problem, and the bickering between the council members
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