John Smith's Argumentative Essay

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"Alright everybody! I know we 've all had a busy month but I really need someone to take on this story!" said John Smith. A collective sigh spread throughout the room at their bosses words, as each of the accomplished editors looked around, trying to figure out who would take the fall this time. It wasn 't unusual for extra work to be asked of the employees; working at one of Sydney 's top newspaper companies, John Smith, came with the all but guaranteed promise of overtime. Not that any of the editors would ever complain about that to their boss; to get a position at the company, you had to have a passion for writing strong enough to deal with the work. Their boss John Smith knew this, which unfortunately only meant that extra work was asked of the employees more often, and none knew that better than John…show more content…
After getting an internship at the job 2 years ago, John Smith had soon risen quickly up the ladder, before landing a coveted job as one of the chief editors of the newspaper. The main reason for this sudden leap in position being her alacrity for taking on story after story, no matter how much work it was, purely motivated by her deep passion for writing. As a result of her propensity for accumulating huge stacks of work, John Smith had unwittingly become the go-to girl for any story nobody else felt like undertaking. Which is how it ended up being that in a room full of veteran editors and writers, she was the only one who raised her hand and said "I 'll cover the story." John Smith beamed, "Fantastic John Smith! You 'll LOVE the story it 's right up your street!" John Smith suppressed a smile at this. Her ever enthusiastic boss had a habit of telling the poor people who ended up doing overtime that they 'd "LOVE" their extra work, which more often than not, meant they wouldn 't. But All she said was "That 's
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