John Smith's Journey To The New World

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This quote briefly summarized John Smith 's life, which was full of difficulties and triumphs. Being born into a farmer 's family, Smith understood the virtue of working hard. At age sixteen, he joined the Dutch army and fought for their independence from Philip II. Following his service with the Dutch, he next joined the Austrian army and fought against the Turks. After a triumphant victory against the Turks, Smith was promoted to a captain and received honorary coat of arms. His short glorious military conquest ended when he was captured and he was sold into slavery by the enemy. However his story did not end with his freedom, Smith managed to escape his cruel fate by murdering his master and found his way back to England. His earlier life struggles have made him into a tough, bold, and perseverant captain, which later readied him to lead a colonization to the New World. Many years after his expedition to the New World, Smith summarized his toilsome journey in the book of The General History of Virginia. Examining his writing, I strongly believe Smith was a bold and fearless leader. When the supply of food was low, Smith made…show more content…
Further examining his writing, Smith 's tone and word choice lead me to believe he was also an unyielding and conceited man. He proved unyielding to authorities when he made remarks on the President and Captain John Martin of "being little beloved, of weak judgment in dangers, and less industry in peace." (46) Disbelieving the President 's competence in leadership, Smith took charge and managed all affairs in the colony. His conceited attitude is revealed when he referred Natives as "savages" and criticized their method of drying hands. In this subtle quote, he wrote, "The Queen of Appomattoc was appointed to bring him water to wash his hands, and another brought him a bunch of feathers, instead of a towel, to dry them." (52) He subtly emphasized his ethnocentric viewpoint that anything other than a towel to dry hands is considered
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