John Steinbeck Symbolize Curley's Wife

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Today you will learn about how John Steinbeck symbolizes his characters like, George,Lennie, and Crooks. George cares about lennie because he traveled with him to the ranch. John Steinbeck wants the american dream to seem foolish because he has people talk about owning a ranch/ people lost all of their money. People lost all of their money do to the stock market crashes in 1926. George takes care of Lennie by making sure he has food in the woods/ “telling him where he needs to go to hide if he gets in trouble (15).”George tells Lennie to to stay away from Curley’s wife. George lets Candy go in on his and Lennie's dream to own their own place and live off of the land. George takes care of Lennie by shooting him in the back of the head…show more content…
“He wanted people to keep their distance from where he lived”(67). He didn’t get to stay in the bunkhouse and wasn’t able to play cards. He plays horseshoes against the other people on the ranch and wins most of the time. He doesn’t like Curley’s wife/ she is always looking for her husband.He got kicked in the back by a horse/ that is why he is called Crooks. He tries to get at Lennie by saying what would you do if George never returned/ how would u like staying all alone in a barn. In conclusion John Steinbeck symbolizes his characters in certain ways like how Lennie depends on George. John wants the American dream to seem foolish by having George and Lennie talk about owning their own land and living off of the land. Candy wanted to go in on the plan because he was going to have to go somewhere else because they might have kicked him off of the ranch because he couldn’t sweep any more. Crooks had to live in the barn because he was black and he wanted to go in with Lennie and George’s dream. John also makes the dream seem foolish by indicating that Lennie will get into trouble by having George say if you get into trouble come and hide in the bush where we ate supper the first
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