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Everything in life has value. Value is defined by what a person is willing to pay for an item. That makes value individualistic and uncertain. John Steinbeck, the famous American author, wrote the novella, The Pearl. Just when they thought things will be better, a city in New Mexico is forced to determine what value really is. Throughout the novella, as Kino’s senses of what’s important in life change, he is forced to cope with the resolution to his internal conflicts.
At the beginning of the story, Kino values his family and canoe as the most important things in life. “And this was part of the family song too. Sometimes it rose to an aching chord that caught the throat, saying this is safety, this is warmth, this is the whole” (Steinbeck, 3). This shows that Kino feels comfortable with his family and what he has. This quote also shows Kino Doesn’t need anything else than what he has. “ Kino’s canoe, which was the one thing of value he owned in the world” (Steinbeck, 14). This shows that the canoe is very valuable to him and his ancestors. This quote identifies that the boat is very
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“The two came from the rutted country road into the city, and they were not walking in single file… as usual, but side by side” (Steinbeck 88). The quote identifies that even after all the stuff they have gone through, they will always be together. This quote also shows that Kino’s greed has changed into equality with Juana because Juana is all he has left. “He was immune and terrible, and his song had become a battle cry” (Steinbeck, 89) This quote shows Kino’s frustration has changed his thoughts of what he had before. This also shows Kino’s realization of the evil of the pearl and his guilt for not realizing sooner or paying attention to Juana. At last, Kino’s internal conflicts have taken over with the emotions he feels after
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