John Stuart Mill On Liberty Summary

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For John Stuart Mill, what are the legitimate limits that a liberal society can impose on its citizens?
In his essay On Liberty, John Stuart Mill examines conception and general progression of freedom and its effects on our society throughout the ages. Although historically people have been striving towards a more liberal society particularly one that is governed by a representative democratic government which depends upon the support of the people, in his work Mill recognizes some of the problems that a liberal society ends up creating which can directly hinder freedom.
Before discussing about some of the problems of a liberal society in Chapter three Of Individuality, as One of the Elements of Well-Being, it is crucial to understand Mill’s focuses on individual liberty as an important ingredient to human happiness and social progress. Mill believed that it was essential for individuals to choose the opinions and customs that they wanted to practice instead of blindly conforming to the opinions of others. By choosing the ideals that they want to follow, individuals develop their conscience, reason, and judgement, while by blindly following others they are not exercising their liberty to choose. Mill stated that a person should feel free to pursue whatever they want as long as he/she doesn’t encroach on the rights of others. According to him, by imposing rigid guidelines of conduct a society risks to lose its progress and become stagnant. Mill gives example of China,
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