John Terry's Case Study

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On October 31,1963 John Terry and two other men who were walking out of a store and a police officer Martin McFadden stop them. McFadden suspected them of robbing at a store and having concealed weapons. They were taken to the police station and was charged with carrying concealed weapons. According to McFadden the two men behaved in a suspicious manner when he was questioning them about the weapons which leads to the cause of the pat down searches. Richard Chilton could have possibly defended Terry about the concealed weapons just to prove to the court on how it started. The court argued on Terry’s case and on McFadden’s case to hear both sides about the weapons and conducting the pat down searches as not a violation from the…show more content…
This case was argued on December of 1967 and decided on June 10, 1968. Terry’s case argued that it was a violation to his constitutional rights and protections due to the search. However, it was determined if is McFadden had broken the Fourth Amendment
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