John Tierney's Can A Playground Be Too Safe

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Throughout our lives, we will be met by situations and obstacles that we fear, it’s how we react to these obstacles and fear that shape us as individual and as a society. In the Article “Can a Playground Be Too Safe”, author John Tierney explains how we must be afraid for there to be success, risk taking behaviors pushing our limits and proving to ourselves what we are capable of. Along with risk taking: fear, pain, and dangers are all necessary for humans to grow mentally. Eliminating danger and fear from society and daily activities, stunts the growth of the brain and people now have the disadvantage of going into obstacles blindly. Some fear and pain is necessary in the natural growth and development of the human brain, to learn what is wrong from right and what we like and dislike. Fear is common in everyone and can be classified as a disease, but we must understand what fear is and how it is…show more content…
Fear is an emotion caused by someone or something, we classify as dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Most Fear is created in the developing stages of our childhood. Fear response is classified in two ways. The first way is immediate and instinctual, while the other is a process that takes time and delivers a clearer analysis of events. When one faces fear, both processes happen concurrently. The steps that are taken for the first process, are to avoid the chance of danger or risk completely. For instance, eliminating all possible dangers to children on playgrounds as John Tierney explains in his article, “Can a Playground Be Too Safe.” It's far less dangerous to remove all possible dangers, rather than let children experience fear and pain. In the article, John Tierney explains how removing high obstacles from playgrounds has a negative impact on children because when they are faced with a situation they don’t know how to react or
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