John Tocqueville's Democracy In America

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In his review of Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (Mill, 1835) states that Tocqueville wrote the book not to determine whether democracy shall come, but how to make the best of it when it does” this assessment seems accurate and I will explore it in this essay. In explaining and evaluating why he decided to explore democracy by writing about America I will begin by looking by looking at both Tocqueville’s origins and his life situations and beliefs and then looking at the situation in France at the time Tocqueville made his decision to write Democracy in America and how this influenced him to do so. I will then move onto why he chose America of all the countries in the world to study democracy in throughout the essay and after each section…show more content…
Although I will agree with him about the importance of writing about the possible dangers to maybe help prevent such things from occurring which can still be useful in modern democracies in the current age with America at the time that he visited it being a good case study in both the positives and negatives that democracy can bring and although there were some measures put into to help counteract these negatives in the US such as the US Constitution and the system of checks and
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