John Torres Narrative

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It was September 20th, 2001, nine days after the terrorist attack of 9/11 happened and military soldiers were getting prepared to go on the hunt for the terrorist that caused this attack. John, one of the soldiers, was getting ready for departure when he was alerted by the general that he had a phone call. John had rarely received calls as most of his friends and family a disconnected. There was only one person John was close to and that was is wife. John answered the call to find it was his wife and she said that she felt that she was in danger and needed John’s assistance. John, feeling concerned and worried wasn’t sure if he should go and assist his wife or stay and help protect and serve his country. John decides that his wife is more important to him as she is the only loved one John has left. John leaves the next morning of the 21st as planned and returns back to his hometown in the…show more content…
John decides that even though the army will remind him of what happened, it will make him feel at home and will help serve his country. John says farewell to his friends until next time, but the next day the police show up at John’s door 2 days before he goes back and they say that they found evidence of him being at the crime of the Cortez investigation. He is taken by the cops, but his detective friends help him get out and he returns the following day to the army where he feels at home, safe, and with his friends. John returns back to New York three years later and when he comes back he is being hunted by many gang leaders and many of the drug dealer’s bosses because of what hi did when he was looking for his wife. John is skilled enough to take them down and reunites with his detective friends where they work together now. The detectives have the information and John has the skill to take them down. Together they keep the street of New York Safe as much as they
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