John Travolta Analysis

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“I don 't believe in regrets; i believe your future is in your tomorrows” (“John Travolta” Brainyquote). This quote was said by John Travolta in referencing to keep going and do what you set your mind to. John travolta is an american actor born in englewood, new jersey on February 18th 1954. He attended Dwight Morrow High School before dropping out at age 16 to follow his acting career at the new jersey steak and dinner theatre. He married Kelly P and had 3 kids Jett his 16 year old deceased son, Ella Bleu his 17 year old daughter, 7 year old Benjamin. John travolta is the son of Salvatore and Ellen who is an actress and drama coach. John travolta was barely in his 20’s when he became the biggest teen heartthrob of the mid-1970’s. His first…show more content…
One of the thrillers John Travolta has been in was “Face Off”. John Travolta plays Sean Archer who is a very tough, rugged FBI Agent who is still grieving for his dead son Michael. Archer believes that his sworn enemy Castor Troy who is a very powerful criminal is the one who killed his son. Troy eventually get captured by Archer but soon after Archer discovers that Troy has planted a bomb that will destroy the entire city of Los Angeles. Archer goes undercover as troy by doing a special procedure to switch their faces. “Face Off” isn 't the only thriller John Travolta has played a role in, he has also played Howard Saint in the movie “Punisher” where Howard’s son Bobby kis killed supposedly by an FBI Agent named Frank Castle. Frank ends up retiring and becomes a judge, jury, and executioner known as the “The Punisher”. The Saints unleash havoc on Castle’s family reunion but Frank didn 't die. Frank sets out to punish Howard and his associates. Frank won’t give up till those responsible for killing his family are dead. Another thriller John Travolta has been in is “Domestic Disturbance”. John Travolta plays Frank Morrison Which is an ex-husband of Susan and father of Danny. Susan is getting married to Rick Barnes who is a wealthy industrialist. Danny isn’t happy about his mom getting married to Rick. Danny goes to steal Rick’s Car and go to Frank’s house. But, while there, he witnesses Rick murdering a mysterious stranger. No one believes Danny because of his history of lying except for his father. Now Frank is protecting his family from Rick and his shady past that is slowly catching up to
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