John Updike: A Character Analysis

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What do you think a hero is? A hero is a man or woman who uses bravery in a very important or scary moment. Sammy, a man in the story, is not a hero. He is very judgemental, he quit his job because he wanted to talk to the girls, and he left his boss to be the cashier when he quit. A hero is not judgemental, he or she does not quit their job, and they do not disrespect anyone. First, Sammy is being really judgemental to not on the girls in the swimsuits, but the shoppers. He is judging the girls because they came in the store with their swimsuits and nothing on over them. Also, he is being judgemental to the shoppers as they walk by. “There was a chunky one, there was a queen-like one, and one in a punk maybe beige swimsuit,” said (Updike).…show more content…
But as soon as he quit his job and walked out side they were gone. “There wasn’t anybody but some young married screaming with her children about some candy they didn’t get by the door of a powder-blue Falcon station wagon,” said Sammy in Updike’s text. No one or nobody would want to disrespect their parents… besides Sammy. Lastly, Sammy disrespected his parents and his boss Lengel. He disrespected his boss because when he quit he left his boss to be the cashier. “You’ll feel this way for the rest of your life,” said Lengel in Updike’s text. Sammy’s parents would be upset because he will not be making his own money anymore. Another reason why they will be upset is because he quit his job to talk to those three girls. But there is also other reasons why he is a hero. Just because I believe he is not a hero, there are plenty of reasons why he is one. First, he had helped the shoppers find what they needed. Next, he stuck up for the girls when Lengel was trying to make them leave. Last but not least, he told Lengel that the store wasn’t far from a beach so the girl came straight from the beach to the store. Those are some reasons why he is a

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