John Updike Rhetorical Analysis

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1. This exposition that includes details about Sammy is vital to the story’s development because this part shows us who Sammy is as a person. The exposition allows us to see what his opinions are in life and what he believes in. We are able to see his personality traits and his social class in relation to others. The author, Updike, illustrates how Sammy is slightly insecure and immature about approaching the girls and instead spends time with his coworkers discussing them. The exposition shows how he is longing for something different in life, to move away from working in the same store just to please his parents. 2. Sammy’s judgments are accurate for his character. As a young boy, his judgment of the girls being attractive and catching his…show more content…
Miss Ferenczi’s physical appearance can be described as different. Her hair is styled in a strange manner, she carries a purple purse along with a checkered lunchbox, and wears tinted glasses. The details of her face are associated with the character, Pinocchio, according to Tommy in the story. Her appearance is important to the story because she does not conform to society’s norms of behavior and appearance. She becomes much more relaxed and “unprofessional” compared to the other teachers. Her unprofessionalism is what intrigues the students to learn from her academically, as well as her true self. 2. Miss Ferenczi is different from other teachers by that she does not have lesson plans as the others do. She incorporates stories and her general knowledge to the topic she is teaching each day. Also, her interests in life vary from the other teachers. Miss Ferenczi shows the students a new way of learning and thinking about life through her interesting fictions that she shares. This is how her “differentness” is communicated to her students. She is different from the general society because she does not believe in following societal norms. Her uniqueness is communicated to the story’s readers by showing that being daring and straying away from societal norms can be positive and thrilling for
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