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Chapters 22-26: Chapter 22 begins with Jurgis leaving the household without saying a word. He flees by train into the country and begins to learn how to get by. He begins to make a good amount of money, but he spends it all on alcohol and women. Jurgis has lost who he once was, and he can no longer push himself away from the temptations that he used to fight strongly against. He later gets another job, gets a good amount of money, and spends it on alcohol again. He is stuck in an endless cycle of only supporting himself enough to make it to the bar. Sinclair is signifying how the lack of self control towards alcohol amongst early immigrants could (and probably did) completely destroy families. Jurgis soon enough becomes violent, attacking…show more content…
After all of those ups and downs and ins and outs, the book ends on a “happy” note (well at least for the main character). Marija is now a prostitute and will probably never better her life, but Jurgis and Test Elzbieta have joined a socialist party and begin to “reform” their lives. I am beginning to feel that Sinclair was hiding a message throughout the book the entire time: Socialism is the Savior of Immigrant Workers, and it took him 31 Chapters to do it. FINAL THOUGHT: I know that I am not supposed to judge a book by it 's cover (and judging by it 's name won 't help, as I have no idea what “The Jungle” symbolizes), but is it fair to judge a book by it 's compressibility? That is, I feel that Sinclair could have just as potently given off the same message through a short story like Jesus did with his parables. Adding “fluff” to the thus sort of story should only be for making it relatable to our everyday lives, but when Sinclair goes so specifically into the details I feel that he has left some people out of this books range. Do not get me wrong, this was an interesting read (and I definitely received Sinclair 's message), but I don 't feel that I have received it as effectively as I could have. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a novel/parable crossover that attempts to teach a lesson through the course of a man 's specifically tough and frustrating life. My

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