John Wayne Gacy: A Cruel Serial Killer

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Have you ever looked at society and wondered if anyone is truly safe? The answer is no; no one is ever truly safe because of the pure evil that rests in society. One of the forms of true evil is John Wayne Gacy. Gacy is highly ranked for his number of kills. John Wayne Gacy is a cruel serial killer. Looking at the murders of Gacy is enough to keep a fearless man awake at night. Gacy was a murderer in the making. “Gacy was born March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois to an alcoholic, often abusive World War I Veteran and a homemaker.” Gacy’s cruel murders stemmed from, not only pure evil, but also from his childhood. Gacy was often beat with a razor strop for anything that was seen as wrong in his father’s eyes. Gacy was also affected by a sexual assault incident he had with a family friend in seventh grade. Gacy was forced to keep his mouth shut in fear of what his father would do. Gacy even showed early signs of mental disturbance. In order to escape his father, at the age of 20, Gacy moved to Las Vegas. There, Gacy got a job as a mortuary assistant, where he began to see death. In an interview, Gacy admits to crawling into a coffin with a recently dead teenage boy. “He embraced and caressed the teen 's body before he felt a profound sense of shock,” states an article on Gacy by…show more content…
One of the tactics that Gacy had learned was a handcuff trick, as stated on Serial Killer Shop. Gacy would dress as a clown, drug them, and convince them to put on handcuffs. Gacy claimed that after killing his first victim Jack McCoy, there was too much of a mess, and Gacy needed to find a new way of killing. Gacy found the tactic of strangling. Another tactic was a rope trick. John Wayne Gacy would use a rope as a tourniquet. Gacy made a mistake in his killings in more than one way. Gacy had kept some of his victims things in the crawlspace in his home and did not account for running out of

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