John Wayne Gacy: A Hard Working Man

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John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17th, 1942. He was born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago. Gacy was the second child out of three. John Gacy and his siblings grew up in an abusive home. Their father was a drunk and would beat on the children constantly, and sometimes even hit their mother. Later on, Gacy faced a conflict over his sexuality, he began to question himself on the interest of men. He suffered major bullying at school, because he was different. Gacy dropped out of high school, left his hometown, and ended up in Las Vegas. Gacy was known for being a kind man, and he was a well liked person in his community. He was a hard working man, and on the side, he was a clown performer for children 's parties. Gacy was married twice but because…show more content…
Gacy would trick the young boys into handcuffs, by wanting to show them a magic trick, after he handcuffed them he stuffed socks in their mouths, wrapped chains around their necks, and strangled them while also raping them. On December 11th, 1978, a young man by the name of Robert Piest, had gone missing. He was last seen with his mom, but then later went to John Gacy’s house, in promise of a potential job. Police ended up arriving at Gacy’s house in search of the young boy, to later discover that this man had killed 33 young men. Many of the young men had been buried under the house…show more content…
Gacy turned his basement into a “teen hangout” to attract them. He had also gave them alcohol, so when Gacy started sexually assaulting them. These boys would be so intoxicated they were not able to defend themselves. John Gacy’s trial began February 6, 1980. He had confessed to the crimes, but his state of insanity started to be questioned. Gacy had told people that he committed those crimes with a different personality. Gacy later on was found guilty for 33 murders of young men, and was said that he wasn’t insane. He was sentenced to 12 death sentences and 21 natural life sentences. Gacy was executed by Lethal Injection on May 9th, 1994. His last words, before he was executed, we ‘Kiss my “butt”. When Gacy was doing an interview, before he was executed, he claimed that the boys were “runaways” and that he was just “taking them out of their misery”. This was not true, according to some of the families. Gacy knew what he was doing, and was also very aware of his awful crimes. He had never tried to deny his doings while being prosecuted. Gacy paid for his crimes in the end, and got what he deserved. Justice was served to all those young men who had lost their lives, to a crazed
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