John Wayne Gacy As A Serial Killer

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John Wayne Gacy vs. Mary Bell
Ms. Stubbs-Mesumbe
Business Law
Jazmin Valverde
November 27, 2015

In this paper, I will be comparing both two similar cases of serial killers, for example, how was their own early life, the reason behind the murder, and their conclusion towards the crime. First of all, these two individuals have a similar type of child abuse in their early years that might have triggered something sooner or later in years. There’s a time difference between these two individual when they committed the crime but, the reason will bring us to our second reason. Secondly, the reason would be the cause of why they committed the crime would be about their horrible experience as a younger child. The final reason would be
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John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago. Illinois. Gacy and his sisters grew up with Danish and Polish parents. His mother and siblings would put up with his abusive alcoholic father but, the children were mainly receiving the abuse and insults. Gacy had a congenital heart conditional which got in the way of playing with the other kids. This exclusion was just another thing that caused him to feel lonely. During his teenage years, he realized his attraction for the opposite sex and soon got bullied for that. Family members would describe Gacy as always, wanting his father’s approval and love. The desperate Gacy ended up never getting his father’s love before his death in 1965. Gacy a business graduate from a business college works a job as a shoe salesman at Nunn-Bush Company. He later marries his co-worker, Marlynn Myers on 1966. Myers’s parents owned several Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Iowa. Myer’s father proposed a job offer at his company to Gacy. The just married couple moved to Iowa so Gacy can be closer to the job. On 1967, Myers gives birth to his first born son, Michael Gacy. A year later the Gacy family added another new member to the family, Christine Gacy. That same year on May he was convicted of sexually assaulting a young man co-worker. He was sentenced for 10 years Iowa’s State Men’s Reformatory and at the same time Myers filed for divorce. Several months later more charges came to Gacy’s way because after hearing about his conviction, he hired a guy to beat the witness up which ending up backfiring. He only served 18 months for good behavior and released on parole in 1971. Moving to Chicago, Illinois was the place where he wanted to start a new life. Soon after he got a job as a building constructor and started his own construction. On the side, he would dress up as “Pogo” the clown and perform at children’s

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