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John Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 17, 1942. He was born to John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Robinson. John Wayne Gacy is only son of three children. He grew up very close to his mother and his two sisters. His father was an alcoholic and was very abusive to his wife and kids. John was often beaten by his father with a leather belt or a razor strap ( , n.d.). John Wayne Gacy had a hard life growing up. When he was only nine years old a family friend started molesting him and he did not tell anyone because he was afraid. He also started to have seizures at the age of nine while he was in the fourth grade. For an entire year he was in and out of the hospital and he started to do poorly in school. He eventually dropped out of high school in the twelfth grade (The life of John Wayne Gacy, 2012). After dropping out of high school John met Marlynn Myers while working as a salesmen. They got…show more content…
His favorite spot to pick up boys was bus stations. If they did not willingly get into Gacy’s car he would use chloroform and force them in to the car. When he got them home he would “perform a magic trick”, the magic trick was with handcuffs and the victims ended up eventually being handcuffed to either a chair or a bed and that’s when Gacy would start raping them. In attempts to prevent neighbors from hearing his victim screaming he would shove things such as articles of clothing into their mouth. Once Gacy was finished with them he would strangle them or shove the clothing further down the victim’s throat until they stopped breathing. His favorite way to murder is victim was to tie a tourniquet around their neck and then sit there and watch the die slowly. Not every one of his victims were murdered, some of them he let go and a few of them escaped (Gacy 's Murders Consisted of Thirty Three Murders,

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