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On March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was born to John Wayne Gacy, Sr. and Marion Elaine Robinson as the second of three children. Gacy was very close to his mother and sisters as a child, but had a very troubled relationship with his alcoholic father because he was abusive. He was struck in the head when he was 11, forming a blood clot that caused him to suffer blackouts beginning when he was 16. Other than the issues with his father and the blood clot, John Wayne Gacy lived a seemingly normal childhood. He attended four high schools in four years, eventually dropping out and moving to Las Vegas. He began working for Palm Mortuary as a janitor. A few months later, he returned home to Chicago. He then enrolled to a business college and became a salesperson. After graduating, Gacy began working as a management trainee Nunn Bush Shoe Co. After working there for only a couple weeks, he was transferred to Springfield, Illinois. In September of 1964, he married Marlynn Myers, a wealthy coworker. In 1965, he rose to Vice-President of the Springfield branch of Nunn Bush Shoe Co. Soon after, Marlynn 's parents, part-owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchises, offered John Wayne Gacy a job as manager at their Waterloo, Iowa KFC. He accepted and moved there with his wife. Gacy and his wife…show more content…
John Wayne Gacy’s trial began in February of 1980. After admitting to the murders, he plead not guilty by reason of insanity. This plea was rejected and it was determined that even though he might have experienced moments of insanity during the murders, his sanity was regained afterwards and before he disposed of the bodies. At one point in Gacy’s trial, his defense also claimed that all 33 murders were accidental deaths as part of erotic asphyxia; however, there was more than enough evidence to prove that Gacy 's claim was impossible. Gacy made a joke in court that “the only thing he was guilty of was running a cemetery without a

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