John Wayne Gacy: The Blown Killer

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Author: Brady Enneking Criminal: John Wayne Gacy the clown killer John Wayne Gacy was born into a rough household. His father was an abuser. His father, John Stanley Gacy, was an alcoholic, and he beat his wife and kids. John Wayne’s sister Karen once said the kids grew so used to the beatings that John Wayne would not even cry. The rough family life brought him very close to his two sisters and his mother. John Stanley would not give John Wayne the appreciation he wanted, so he looked at every opportunity to make his father proud. His Congenital heart condition did not help this cause, but only made John Stanley more disappointed in his son. Though he once said he was “never good enough” for his father, John Wayne Gacy said he never…show more content…
He underwent many types of psychological tests, and the panel of psychiatrists determined that he was “mentally competent to stand trial.” Though Gacy wanted to plead with the say of multiple personality disorder, his lawyer advised to stick to the insanity plea. The medical examiners would say that they had found him to be a”paranoid schizophrenic with a multiple personality disorder.” No doubt, John Wayne Gacy’s childhood affected his life. The tough upbringing of his abusive alcoholic father, accompanied by his physical disabilities led to the mental challenges that he had. When Gacy was being charged with assault, he had been examined by psychiatrists, and had been determined to have antisocial personality disorder, which was said that he would likely continue committing crimes. Even after this evaluation, Gacy was let free, and would stay out of the criminal justice eye for many years. In an interview prior to Gacy’s death FBI profiler Robert Ressler said Gacy said the victims were “worthless little queers and punks.” This statement sounds eerily similar to the types of things John Wayne’s father used to say about him. It appears that his murders are almost completely reliant on the way his father treated him as a young man, which is the age range of all of his
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