John Wes Hardin Research Paper

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Wanted John Wesley Hardin John Wesley Hardin was born on May 26, 1853 in Bonham, Texas, USA. His parents were James Gibson Hardin and Mary Elizabeth Dixon Hardin. He had 10 siblings including him. John did many things he wasn’t supposed to do when he was a kid so, he spent most of his life being a wanted man in Texas. When John was 9, he tried to run away and join the Confederate Army. At 14, he was bullied by a boy in school and John stabbed him, luckily the boy survived. When he was 15 he killed his first man and spent the rest of his life being in trouble with the law. It seemed wherever John went from Kansas to Texas, he always found trouble. Some say John killed 20 people over his lifetime and others say up to 40. There was a rumor
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