John Wheatley's First Impressions

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In chapter four, the author words stopped me at the idea of the observation. She mentions about the first impression could affect people strongly. I am one of the people who treats others based on the first impression. In addition, I try to make the first meeting with people I just know as bright as possible. After going deep in this point, I realized that people could make a positive impression about someone who might be less important that they think. This person could be in a high level in an organization not due to his intelligent or knowledge but based on the first impression that his boss made about him. Anything he mentions will be accepted. Any mistake he make will be ignored. All of that could be possible because of the wrong impression. However, the other group of people who obtained a…show more content…
Rules are set to satisfy the organization, and to defend it if the situation requires that. Leaders who cannot build a strong relationships with employees are not real leaders. They should be able to observe employee correctly in order to put the right person in the right position, and create a convenient environment to show their potential and abilities. Moreover, accepting the fact of more than one opinion is absolutely correct would be another point that the leader should it into account. Regarding on what I read in the first four chapter, the author has her unique way to put out ideas. To be honest, in the beginning of reading this book, I faced challenges to understand concepts that the author mentioned throughout her words. However, I am not the same person who started to read this book with many difficulties. I realized that Wheatley likes to make her readers to think deeply about one idea and then the perspective will be available based on long process of analyzing. Meaningful concepts worth the time spent on them and stay longer in minds than the fragile
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