John Whitmore's Argument For Biblical Truth

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Dr. John Whitmore’s Argument for Biblical Truth Based on the Fossil Record Dr. John Whitmore, a geology professor at Cedarville University, presented a compelling case for Young Earth Creationism and Noah’s Flood in his discussion entitled “How Does the Fossil Record Support a Biblical View of Earth History?” His argument centered on ten key points, which he called the “10 Lessons from the Fossil Record.” Each of these ‘lessons’ emphasized the discrepancies between what evolutionists have expected to find in the fossil and geologic records and the data that has actually been observed and recorded. Although he was careful to show respect for Darwin’s ability to see both sides of his own hypotheses, Dr. Whitmore did not hesitate to point out numerous areas where the theory of evolution does not align with actual scientific data. He noted, for example, that Darwin predicted limitless numbers of transitional organisms in the fossil record due to the processes of natural selection. However, significant numbers of transitional organisms do not appear in the fossil record until the Cenozoic Era, which, according to a Creationist worldview, corresponds to the strata laid…show more content…
Whitmore’s arguments and I appreciated the opportunity to learn about the Creationist perspective on the Cambrian Explosion, carbon dating, and other relevant topics related to evolutionary hypotheses. He did acknowledge that there are several enigmas that Creationists still do not have definitive answers for, such as the lack of human remains in layers containing dinosaur fossils. In response to that particular dilemma, he stated that he believed certain Biblical passages may suggest that the record of humans that lived before the Flood was literally “blotted out” (see, for example, Genesis 6:7). Overall, though, his argument was convincing, informative, and helpful, and I feel better prepared to answer challenges to my worldview because of what I learned from his
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