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Our partners John Wiley & Sons Wiley, offers one of the world’s most sought after behavioural assessment tool - DiSC Classic, the first of its kind. With over four decades of research backing it DiSC Classic has been used by over a million people worldwide to understand behavioural priorities and to develop critical interpersonal business skills. Wiley’s Everything DiSC Profiles - a simple and intuitive personality assessment suite has been used by leading businesses to help people understand the similarities and differences in their behaviour, thereby building healthier organizations Wiley’s online assessments use the most advanced assessment methods and sophisticated algorithms to effortlessly decipher a person's responses to generate…show more content…
Strengthscape uses globally accepted behavioral models to design tailor made solutions to proactively manage people in an organisation. Our collaborative processes create mechanisms for motivation, commitment and creativity so that employees can give their best everyday. We, at Strengthscape, understand and appreciate the differences that make each business unique. The content and curriculum of our programs suit every business and the culture they promote. Strengthscape synchronizes psychology and business, to help businesses learn the common language, that can align its people towards success. Strengthscape brings world class and well researched training solutions that help people come to terms with their own set of aspirations, motivation, problems, skills, habits and feelings. Our Training Programs are backed by decades of research and mirror the behavioural priorities of individuals, making it simple for them to apply their learning at the workplace. Know the other side of strengths….through Strengthscape! Our Key…show more content…
( will require to rewrite this once we are done with the brochures to incorporate the finer details of each program) Build Personal Effectiveness for achieving professional success. In today’s world, there is no dearth of opportunities to accomplish. What hold most people back, is the lack of self –awareness which in turn brings down effectiveness. Strengthscape believes that personal effectiveness is essentially dependent on the triad - business etiquette, communication and presentation skills. We at Strengthscape aim at using behaviour as a tool to close the gaps in the triad thereby building smart professionals, effective managers and visionary leaders who can devise ground breaking solutions to the problems that their business faces. Our Solutions : ( Provide links to Business Etiquette, Communication Skills and Professional Skills ) We need to place the table with our programs - this links to the table. The existing programs can be renamed. And then change later in terms of content. Build Global teams focussing on honing networking skills, cultural sensitivity and people affinity that transcends

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